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Monday, July 27, 2015

Overlooked Dental Signs | When Your Mouth is Talking – Listen Up!

common overlooked dental signs
We’ve all done it: you look in the mirror and notice something that is off be it our face, hair, or teeth. However, most of us sit there for a bit pondering whether or not it’s an alarming issue and then decide to brush it off for now and see if it will dissipate on its own.
What you don’t realize – at least in the heat of the moment – is that these small signs may be pointing to an issue deeper than what is shown on the outside.
In case you ever find yourself questioning your mouth, your Newport Beach dentist, Dr. Steve Ngo, has provided a small list of dental signs below that are often overlooked.
Sharp Pain
Sharp pain is distinctive in nature. It happens quickly and aggressively and is usually due to an issue of sensitivity caused by tooth decay. When our teeth become decayed, there’s a chance that holes/pits/pockets will develop and these expose the tooth’s roots. When food or fluid comes into contact with the hole, you will feel sharp pain. A simple dental filling would correct the situation.  
“My teeth look off”
When you find that your teeth look off, it’s probably because they are – due to periodontal disease (i.e. gum disease). You may notice teeth that are loose or crooked in appearance. If this happens, you should get in touch with your dentist as soon as possible. Periodontal disease can be reversed up to a point so waiting around for the problem to resolve itself will not benefit you.
Bleeding, Red, Swollen Gums
Blood is always an alarming incident. However, in dentistry some bleeding is to be expected from certain actions such as flossing or brushing too hard. However, swollen gums combined with red, bleeding gums are not something to brush off. This is a sign of periodontal disease and the earlier you get to your dentist, the better your chances of reversing it.
The most common form of pain in the mouth - that happens to be the most overlooked – is a toothache. Far too often people use over-the-counter pain medication to numb the pain. If the pain goes away in a day or two, you’re probably fine. If it persists, then stop taking pain meds and call your dentist because you most likely have a cavity that needs prompt treatment.

Truth is, all of these dental problems are highly preventable and are often the result of poor oral hygiene habits. In other words, brush and floss your teeth! It’s equally important to visit your dentist twice a year on top of your dental routine (and more often if you have perio disease).

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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Interesting Research Shows Flossing is Just Not Something People Enjoy

The results of a recent survey performed by the American Academy of Periodontology* (AAP) has revealed some interesting information regarding the habit of daily flossing. The survey was conducted online and received 2,021 U.S. adult responses.
The Interesting Results
The survey revealed that one-third of Americans (36%) would rather participate in an unpleasant activity over flossing daily.
Exactly what unpleasant activities are we talking about?
  •       14% would rather clean the toilet
  •       18% would rather wash a sink full of dirty dishes
  •       14% would rather wait in a long check-out line
  •        9% would rather sit in gridlock traffic for an hour
  •        9% would rather do their taxes
The AAP President Joan Otomo-Corgel, DDS, MPH mentions “There’s clearly more work to be done when it comes to educating Americans about the importance of oral hygiene. There are more than 500 bacterial species that can be found in plaque, and brushing alone does not remove the bacteria that live below the gum line.”
Image Dental OC’s Suggestion
As dentists, it’s surprising news that people view the habit of flossing in such a manner. We want to offer one tried-and-true suggestion to help make flossing a better experience.
What’s one thing that always makes “boring” tasks less boring?
There are many affordable Bluetooth speakers we encourage you to invest in even if it’s meant just for flossing purposes. Look at flossing as an investment. It will dramatically improve the health of your teeth and gums – preventing the need for extensive procedures necessary to correct.
Trust us, when you have your favorite jam on while you brush or floss, you won’t even realize you’re done. You may even give yourself a more effective clean! Just be careful of brushing too hard.


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