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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Fixing Gummy Smiles with Recontouring

Do you feel self conscious about the way your smile looks, especially the gum line? For some, excess gum covering the teeth can be a problem, making their teeth appear smaller than they really are. This kind of gingival display is sometimes called a "gummy smile." Over time your teeth might wear down, making them seem too small, or they may not have broken through the gums as far as they should have. While this may throw off the balance of your smile, it can be easily fixed with recontouring.

Gum recontouring uses laser technology to get rid of excess gum covering your teeth. It is a fast procedure with little to no bleeding and a quick recovery. Most patients can have their recontouring completed in just one visit. Recontouring can also be used to make the gums appear evenly distributed in cases where the gums cover teeth on some areas of the mouth more than others. If you can relate to any of these gum issues, learn more about recontouring at our site and schedule an appointment to see if the procedure will work for you.

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