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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Tips on Staying Motivated to Keep Brushing

Do you absolutely dread having to brush your teeth every night before bed, as well as every morning after you wake up? We can assure you that many people feel exactly this way. Brushing your teeth is one of those chores you know you have to do, but sometimes feel it’s OK to skip a night, which could inevitably lead to a slippery slope.

There are a few ways that can motivate you to stay on the right track and save you some cash, too.

Scare Yourself Into It
Believe me, you do not want to have a root canal or dental implants placed into your mouth if you can avoid it. Technology has made these processes much easier to handle, but they still aren’t the greatest of experiences.

Imagine the smell of your enamel from the drill bit eating away at your teeth or the constant pressure you feel from the dentist pulling on your tooth. Top that off with the taste of your own blood. Yea, we don’t like any of it either. Are you scared yet?

Time Is Money
Think of brushing (and flossing!) as an investment. By investing maybe 5 minutes max per day, you can save yourself time in the dental chair, which isn’t always affordable.

Make It Fun
Some people enjoy listening to music while they brush their teeth, swaying their head/toothbrush motion to the beat of the song. Who cares if you look like a clown. Chances are, you’ll get the last laugh.

Give Yourself An Incentive
Take a post it note and every time you successfully brush your teeth both morning and night, place a tally mark. Reward yourself with something when you get to 7 tally marks (i.e. a full week).

And never forget to floss! It’s just as important as brushing your teeth, if not more important. Sometimes we’ll forget to floss after we brush. To make sure you floss, a quick trick is to floss before you brush. We hope these tricks help you maintain one of the few good habits you can adopt.

Click here to read more on how to keep your teeth in tip-top shape with proper home care tips. Aside from brushing, it's always important to visit your dentist twice a month. Give us a call at (949)760-0363 to schedule an appointment today. 

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