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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Dr. Steve Ngo Tackles Common Orthodontic Issue: Bad Breath with Braces

A common issue many find (often not by themselves but from others) while wearing braces is bad breath. It can be very embarrassing to some – especially teenagers who are already struggling with the appearance of unattractive metal braces. But we do it because we know it will lead to desired results – straightened teeth, which matter!

Dr. Steve Ngo talks about bad breath associated with braces.Why Do Braces Cause Bad Breath?

This is the first question patients typically ask. The answer lies within the world of bacteria. Bacteria is one of the main reasons we even brush and floss to begin with – because an overabundance of harmful bacteria will inevitably lead to tooth decay.

Bacteria naturally occurs inside of our mouth and when there is too much of it, then it will begin to release an odor that gives off bad breath. Bacteria begin to multiply rapidly when it is able to feed on something – such as food particles stuck in our teeth or sugar that has been coated to the enamel.

Here’s where braces plays a role. It’s not the actual braces that cause bad breath, but rather the fact that braces have a tendency to trap food particles on the wiring or brackets, on top of the food particles already becoming stuck in between the teeth.

What You Can Do To Prevent or Fix Bad Breath

The holidays are here and while nobody ever wants bad breath, we absolutely do not want bad breath during the holidays where many family and friends are around. We want to make sure we look, feel, and smell our best during these special times. Here’s what you can do.

The absolute best thing you can do to fix and prevent bad breath is – prepare yourself for it – to habitually brush and floss your teeth! It’s difficult with braces – I understand, but it’s the best defense against bad breath with or without braces.

Other remedies include:

-Making sure the bad breath isn’t sourced from a certain type of food you ate.
-Alcohol free mouth rinses that help rid of bacteria.
-Staying hydrated. Water not only washes away food particles and sugar, but also keeps us from experiencing dry mouth, which can lead to issues with bad breath.

Follow my advice on braces and bad breath and you should be able to see a difference quickly! If you even want to see whether or not your breath smells, hold your palm out slightly in front of your face, blow into it, and observe.

Happy Holidays from our team @ Image Dental OC!

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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Tuesday Tips - Dr. Steve Ngo’s Invisalign® Braces Maintenance Tips

Dr. Steve Ngo of Image Dental OC is a certified Invisalign dentist in Orange County, including Newport Beach, IrvineInvisalign® is a vastly popular orthodontic treatment that brings excellent results to many adults who are concerned with their appearance as they try to achieve a straighter smile. There are a few tips you should keep in mind as you work towards achieving a beautiful smile!

“Remove When Necessary”

Invisalign® aligners only work when they are in the mouth. Therefore, you should try your best to keep it this way for as long as you can throughout the day and night. Invisalign® aligners should really only be removed when:
  • You brush your teeth
  • You eat
  • You drink
  • You smoke
If you aren’t performing one of the four above tasks, then your clear removable aligners should be inside of your mouth for better, quicker results.

Keep a Travel Toothbrush Handy

Newport Beach Dentist, Dr. Steve Ngo, offers Invisalign maintenance tips for the best results.It’s always been important to brush and floss your teeth, but with Invisalign® aligners, it becomes more important to do so. The reason why is because when we don’t brush or floss, then we risk staining our trays, as well as exposing our aligners to bits of food that may get trapped.

To avoid this, you should brush and floss right after you consume a large meal or engage in a heavy snack session. This is why a travel toothbrush and floss come in handy – because you won’t always be at your house.

A Little Bit of Pain Goes a Long Way

If you notice pain in your mouth at random times, you shouldn’t be too alarmed. This only confirms that your set of invisible braces is doing its intended job – straightening out your teeth. Straightening teeth requires that your teeth move closer together, which will inevitably result in minimal pain that may be bothersome to most. If anything, you should be excited!

New Year’s is coming up – perhaps straighter teeth are something you should aim for? We are certified Invisalign providers in Newport Beach, Orange County, and Irvine so if you’re around the area then consider the option as a New Year’s Resolution!

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